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Meediaguru started in January 2022 and so far has more than 
100+ successful collaborations 
in photography, vide
o and social media content creation


Meediaguru is helping to create the visuals you need, so that both big and small heart desires could be fulfilled more easily and happily!

Who, where, what?

The initiator of Meediaguru OÜ is enterprising and fun photographer Maarja Konrad with very exciting and creative ideas, 
who has successfully completed a 3-year undergraduate course in Creative Digital Media and Film Production in England
and who has a versatile experience in collaborations in photography, video filming and editing, as well as creating graphic designs.

Alexa Young, CA

What customers are saying:
"Maarja has a good sense of perception and what is very important to me - she literally understands the client's expectations and vision very well!"

Taivo Peterson


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